Lilac Razor

“We are at a crossroads my little outlaw” 

Shugs and I packed the car and headed to Dargle in search of a forest for our shoot. This may just be the funniest human I have ever spent a few hours with in a car!!  We finally found the right location in Balgowan just as the sun was starting to set. Note to self - forests look pretty from the outside, but actually navigating your way through one is quite difficult. I think we both emerged out of there covered in a fair share of scratches and scrapes. Shugs and I have shot before (my very first blog post) and we went for a different look this time with a new hair do. Love the purple hair and the dark moody feel to the pictures. 

Tamryn is a successful DJ and producer in Durban, and is soon looking to spread her wings out to Cape Town.

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I recently did a photo shoot with Mishqah Parthiphal, a local actress. I wanted to shoot Mishqah in a more Eastern themed way, to represent Durban. I scouted for many locations but eventually decided to do the shoot in my garden using Sari fabrics as backdrops.  As always, I prefer natural lighting when I shoot, and really love the results of this session. Mishqah stars in Keeping up with the Kandasamy’s, a locally produced film, that has just been released in theatres nationally. 

The final cover and article are featured at the bottom of the page. Thanks to Janine Slabbert for her beautiful layout and design. 

Thanks to

MUACharelle McAllister 

Hair: Kay-leigh Heneke

Sari fabrics supplied by: Natalie Grange of Saree Market (You can find her at the I heart Market and the Botha’s hill Market) 

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