“She jolted to a halt when she saw what was waiting for her. They were breathtaking and entrancing. Their beauty overwhelming, and their light warm and inviting. Safety and peace settled over her, as she gazed around at the beauty before her. They were no more than a foot long with silky wings and a wonderful aura, with light beaming from their bodies. All possessing long, satin hair, with a diversity of color. Not one was identical and their divinity could be felt to the depths of her soul.” 

A new chapter

Melissa is a dear friend of mine, and she is soon to expect a baby boy. This is especially close to my heart, as Mel has asked me to be the Godmother of her son. We braved an early 6am start on Saturday morning and headed to Umdloti beach. I managed to get these shots in amongst the rocks just before the rain came down. Mel looks absolutely stunning at 32 weeks pregnant. Can’t wait to meet the little one!

Makeup by: Amber- Lea Horne

Photographers assistant: Taz Mercier

White dress by: Kylie Stott

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